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  • The Spectator
  • The Encounter
  • First Sign
  • High Country Royalty
  • The Children Will Not Learn the Old Ways
  • The Children Will Not Learn the Old Ways-back
  • A Shot From the Bluffs
  • Owwatta Yanash (Buffalo Hunt)
  • Taos Indian
  • Yaakni Chipota (Earth Child)
  • Buffalo Storyteller
  • Shaman
Welcome to Eagle Feather Gallery, the website of L. Straughn, Chickasaw artist.   The works shown are a sampling of my latest efforts.  I work in acrylics, oil, watercolors, bronze and granite.  I also enjoy creating beadwork, finger weaving, pottery and other  Native American crafts.  Please use the navigation buttons above to view my paintings and sculpture.  These pages will change from time to time as new work is created.

I hope you enjoy my website.
L Straughn

Eagle Feather Gallery

7891 Dillard Road
Wilson, OK 73463

E-mail: susan@eaglefeather.com

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